There are a lot of good reasons for downsizing your home. You might have all your adult children move out and be looking for something smaller. You might want to save money. You might be separating from your partner. You might be moving for a new job and choosing to get something smaller. Whatever your reason, it means you need to de-clutter and consider hiring a professional service for Entrümpelung Charlottenburg or your location. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Organise your things into four categories

This process is going to help you create four piles from your belongings, one pile you are keeping, one pile you are giving away, one pile you are throwing out and the last pile is to sell. Move things you are keeping into boxes clearly labelled and put them into a room that is cleared so they are out of the way. These are things you have used recently, heirlooms, and things you need at the new place. Then you can take loads to a charity shop or donate to an animal shelter, or give away to whoever wants that type. You can organise a boot sale or place items for sale on an online listing to sell things. For furniture and other items, you just want to be cleared out and gotten rid of you could get a Entrümpelung Reinickendorf business.

Get someone to help with the sorting process

It can be hard to let go of things, it is not just the physical hard work of Entrümpelung Charlottenburg properties, it is also mentally and emotionally difficult having to choose what things to keep and what to get rid of. Having someone with you to help is a great idea. They can ask about the item, help you decide if it really is something you need to keep, and help you avoid becoming overwhelmed because you are having to get rid of some of your things. There are also professional people who can help with de-cluttering.

Think about how large the new rooms are compared to your old

When it comes to your furniture if there are pieces you must take with you consider the size of them. Downsizing probably means the new rooms are smaller than the old so does your couch work there? A Entrümpelung Reinickendorf service can get rid of what you cannot take.

Try to take your time

When it comes to downsizing and clearing your old home out it is good if you give yourself plenty of time to get it done. There might be times when you need to take a break, take inventory and really think about who you might want some of your things to go to. Take your time and get it right. Then you can make a bit of money, help some people out, de-clutter and feel better about the whole process. You could start some of the sorting process a few weeks before the actual move day.