Singapore's real estate market continues to thrive with the introduction of two highly anticipated residential properties: Marina View Residences and Watten Estate Condo. These developments, strategically located in prime districts, offer residents a luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. Let's delve into the unique features and attractions of these upcoming projects.

Watten Estate Condo: Exclusive Living in a Prime District

Located in one of Singapore's most prestigious areas, Watten Estate Condominium offers exclusivity and sophistication. Situated in a prime district famous for renowned schools and elite residential estates, this development is surrounded by a high concentration of good class bungalows (GCBs). This exclusive location provides residents with a serene and prestigious environment, perfect for those seeking a refined and luxurious lifestyle.

Watten Estate Condo: Prime Site Acquisition

The former Watten Estate Condominium, spanning a vast 220,241 square feet, has attracted significant attention from developers. UOL Group and Singapore Land Group (SingLand) secured the top bid at $550.8 million ($1,723 per square foot) for this brand new development site. The project will comprise five storeys with a total of 286 residential units. With this prime site acquisition, Watten Estate Condo promises to offer residents an exceptional living experience.

Marina View Residences: A Mixed-Use Development in District 1

Marina View Residences is an exciting new mixed-use development strategically located in the Core Central Region, at the junction of Union Street and Shenton Way in District 1, Singapore. This project aims to become a vibrant hub, featuring high-rise commercial retail spaces, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, and luxurious residential units. The development has the potential to yield 905 private residential units, approximately 2,000 square meters of commercial space, and 540 hotel rooms. Moreover, the proximity to Shenton MRT Station, serving the Thomson East-Coast Line, ensures convenient connectivity for residents.

Unparalleled Luxury and Amenities

Both Marina View Residences and Watten Estate Condo are committed to providing residents with unparalleled luxury and a wide array of amenities. These properties prioritize comfort, style, and convenience to ensure an exceptional living experience for their residents. The luxurious residential units are designed with meticulous attention to detail, boasting modern and spacious layouts. Additionally, residents will have access to a range of facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, landscaped gardens, and communal spaces, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Prime Locations and Accessibility

One of the key attractions of Marina View Residences and Watten Estate Condo is their prime locations. Marina View Residences is situated in District 1, offering residents close proximity to the city's central business district and iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. Watten Estate Condo, on the other hand, benefits from its location in a renowned district known for its prestigious schools and elite residential estates. Both developments enjoy excellent connectivity, with nearby MRT stations ensuring seamless access to various parts of the city.


Marina View Residences and Watten Estate Condo are set to elevate Singapore's real estate landscape with their luxurious offerings and prime locations. Whether you prefer the vibrant city living of Marina View Residences or the exclusivity and prestige of Watten Estate Condo, both developments promise an unparalleled residential experience. As these projects unfold, prospective residents can anticipate a lifestyle defined by sophistication, convenience, and the finest amenities.