Don't ignore water pipe issues contact the professionals

Your water pipes are something you rarely think about.

After all, the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind' applies.

Your water pipes are buried underground and hidden behind walls, floors, and cabinets.

The only time they come to mind is when there's an issue.

One problem that can occur is burst pipes in Perth.

When a water pipe breaks, it's messy and expensive.

What Causes Pipes to Burst

Burst pipes Perth can happen to anyone.

The pipes' age often doesn't matter. New installations can burst without warning.

Pipes can develop leaks and cracks due to a variety of issues.

Mineral deposits can build up in the pipes resulting in clogs. Water pressure is often higher as the liquid tries to bypass the clogs causing the pipes to crack and even burst.

Water pipes are designed to last for years, and sometimes decades, but they eventually wear out. Rust and corrosion often form weakening the pipes. When this occurs, cracks are common.

Another common cause is freezing temperatures. Water can freeze in the pipes forcing them to expand from the added pressure. When this happens, pipes typically burst. It can occur in a single place or you may have multiple cracks.

Signs Your Pipes May Have a Crack

Some burst pipes are easy to spot. You may have water dripping into your home or a flooded yard.

Other signs are less noticeable.

If you hear gurgling or dripping sounds when faucets are turned off and the toilet is not in use, it may indicate a leak or burst in the pipes. Changes in the water's color or if you notice a foul smell, a pipe may have burst in or close to your house.

Other signs include a significant increase in your monthly water bill. Watermarks on the walls and ceiling or puddles forming underneath sinks are other indications you may have a problem.

When you notice any of these signs, it's best to contact a local plumber.

Something else to consider is your hot water system.

It's a good idea to have the plumber check to see if any hot water repairs in Perth are required.

Burst pipes can affect a hot water system.

How to Repair Broken Water Pipes

A licensed plumber will assess the problem and provide you with an estimated repair cost.

If hot water repairs Perth are necessary, these costs will be added to the estimate.

When the crack or break is located in a small section of pipe, the plumber may be able to replace the affected section.

It's a relatively simple and affordable solution that often does not require trenching.

Replacing larger sections of pipe is more expensive, especially if the pipe is buried underground.

Some pipes can be repaired using a type of plumber's foam.

The foam is injected into the pipe to seal the crack.

It's an effective solution for smaller cracks and leaks and is also relatively affordable.